Convert biomass to high-value fuel pellets for home use

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The product is biomass fuel pellets produced by the thermal process.

The biomass (Forest residue or wood waste) mixes with the agricultural residue to increase calorific value, enhance the combustion character, and reduce the emission contamination of the tar.

A Variety of agricultural residue uses for this process depend on residue that exists in the region and applicable market of the fuel.

The market may use fuel for power plants, ovens, agriculture, heating of public buildings such as schools, district heating, or boilers.

Based on the water content of the raw material drying and pelletizing have different processes consequently; affect the final price of the fuel. Naturally, the pelletizing process needs some moisture in the raw materials.

The final product may have different calorific values and applications for various markets. The product determined in this process is suitable for use in the 30 to 500 KW or small scale power plants.

In the biomass fuel industry variety of residue use for mixing with woodchips depend on the fuel that exists in the region such as almond shells, canary grass, potato, beet pulp, straw gain, peanut shells, corn cobs, miscanthus, vine pruning, and marc of grape.


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Accelerated by Bankia within their V fintech program.

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Mahbod Shafiei


Usually, in the market, the fuel pellets are made by sawdust or residue alone. Sawdust or residue should have less than 10 wt% moisture for the pelletizing process to have a calorific value around 15-20 MJ/kg.

But in this process, the sawdust goes under the thermal carbonization process that removes almost all the water content of the sawdust make it more hydrophobic with more energy density along with reducing the mass of the sawdust.

Mixing it with marc of grape supplies proper moisture without adding additional moisture. Consequently, the fuel pelletizing process has a better result in homogenous pellets, higher calorific value, better combustion quality, and less ash and tar emissions.


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