Optimise a plastic bottle head cutting process (10K€ in prizes)

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Optimise the cost of a plastic bottle head cutting process

Could you help this dairy company improve their manufacturing process?

Our client is a DAIRY FOOD manufacturer located in Southern Europe, with a high reputation for their product quality and safety. The company manufactures empty PE bottles with blow molding technology that includes an online BOTTLE NECK CUTTING system... ... But the operational COST of this cutting system HAS INCREASED since the acquisition of the technology... And cutting cost depends directly on the cutter procurement costs and the cutter replacement frequency ... since replacing cutters requires not just stopping the high speed line but also regenerating the STERILE MANUFACTURING environment! So ... what are we looking for? Could you help us reduce the cutting process operational cost?
  • Improving the CUTTER SPECIFICATION (different material, different thermal treatment, different coating, different dimensions and/or geometries, different supplier…)
  • Modifying the CUTTING PROCESS
  • ...
Do you have a solution? Bring your good ideas and help us solve this challenge ... the objectives are:
  • REDUCE the operational COST of the cutting process
  • With the LOWEST INVESTMENT and/or implementation cost
... And win a 10.000 € cash PRIZE if you or your team wins! See detailed information downloading the full challenge description and many more pictures available when joining the challenge! This is another real manufacturing challenge! Are you a creative engineer? Do you have manufacturing improvement skills? Join the challenge