Why Mining Startups are Important for the Mining Sector

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Most governments in the world realize it is highly beneficial to invest in entrepreneurship, Startups and grow this environment in order to bring knowledge, innovation and the latest technology to the country. Only in Spain, the investment in Startups for this current year has already reached 845 million euros. This value the investment in 2011 times six, not bad! A Startup can participate in every economic sector, we want to talk about a really special one: the mining sector. This sector has huge budgets, important civil construction works, and natural resources consumption. The mining sector is continuously facing challenges and Startups can provide the innovation and development necessary to take their business to the next level. So, it is not a coincidence that there are around 200 Mining Startups in the world operating and accelerating progress towards sustainable mining. mining startups As it is shown in Kash Sirinanda’s article, they started to appear in 2012, so this growth was only in five years. These Startups focused their knowledge on six main areas: technology, infrastructure, environment, finance, human resources, and operations. Let’s talk about two of them!


Most of the Startups are oriented to this field. New technology design for mining must be considered in order to avoid the inefficiency of the already existing one. It can be introduced in the material extraction process, in the mineral-obtaining process, or in chemical processes for example.


Like every sector, mining must turn to a green industry and be liable for the water and energy consumption. Also, mining generates a large amount of waste that is collected in tailings dams. One of the main goals is to recover and recirculate the maximum amount of water possible and avoid introducing fresh water to the mining process.mining startups If we talk about geography, it is obvious that these Startups are located mostly in mining countries, like USA and Australia as we can gather in the article mentioned before. If we talk about cities, a non-surprising result appears: Santiago de Chile is the city that concentrates more mining Startups! If you are involved in the entrepreneurship environment or want to be, I hope you found this information interesting. Do you work on a mining Startup? Let’s show us your potential in our mining challenges! Join our engineering community here