Meet the winners: Lost Wax Casting challenge

We are very proud of Ennomotive’s community. And we like to celebrate the success of Ennomotive members! The result of our Lost Wax Casting challenges was great!

Ennomotive is not about us, it is about you, it is about bright people, clever engineers, creative talent, motivation and success stories…

So…today, we invite you to meet Ahmed Borai.

lost wax

Ahmed is the winner of the challenge to find an “Alternative to Lost Wax Smelting”. This challenge was posted by Indra, the leading consulting and technology multinational in Spain and Latin America.

The objective of the challenge was to find an alternative for the production of complex metal parts, currently manufactured using this ancient technique. Ahmed proposed a new method that drastically reduces production costs and manufacturing time, from weeks to days!


Ahmed holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from IUG and is currently preparing a MBA. He received a distinction for his graduate project in 2011. He is an entrepreneur: he founded an online agency for product development, 3D modeling and rendering, combining prototyping and 3D modelling services in his CAD factory startup.

The solution he proposed was actually his graduate project from 2011. What motivated him to take the challenge was to prove the validity of his concept, as well as to raise awareness of the potential of the technology. And, of course, the generous prize!

So…Congratulations Ahmed! We wait for you at our next challenges!

And … You could be our next winner! So don’t be shy and take our engineering challenges, you could be the next solver featured in our blog!

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