Laser Welding Robots Help Companies Increase Productivity

Mario Honrubiarobotics

Having robots in manufacturing is nothing new, as robots are proven to be fast, effective and consistent. Naturally, this significantly increases manufacturing productivity. Many factories have implemented welding robotics, because a robot welder speeds up the welding process, but not just that. There is no pause in production and the tasks are done faster. In addition, the quality of welding is much higher. One of the issues here is that often two robots work on the welding process at the same time, and all that is happening in a limited space. As a result, the arms of robots crash into each other. This is causing problems in the manufacturing process because it’s creating breaks in production.

A New Approach to Laser Welding

Tongao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Co Ltd, a start-up company from China made a breakthrough that fixes the problem.  The company was founded three years ago when its general manager Tang Xudong and a group of experts in control sectors, laser technology, and robotics started working on research and developing in laser welding. Compared to eclectic welding tech, laser welding is a better solution. It is because it improves the quality of welding and it also improves the security. To avoid robot crashing in the welding process, Tang and the team decided to combine laser workstations and robots. As a result, they have developed a new system that allows welding robots work without crashing at each other. This means there will be no more crashes, and no breaks in production, which naturally increases manufacturing productivity. “Laser welding achieves more efficient, precise welding using a high-efficiency atomic battery device to produce high energy density laser beams,” general manager Tang Xudong explains. After the company introduced the breakthrough in laser welding, it brought a major success to this startup. The company was able to finish several major projects in just two years. In addition, they won 7 licensed patents. When it comes to general manager’s plans, he will continue to promote the laser-welding technology in the future along with the high-end equipment. If you are a talented engineer who enjoys solving real-life engineering challenges, click the button below. Join our engineering community here