4 Innovative Construction Materials that come from the Future

innovative construction materials

One sector where technological developments are making a big impact is Material Science, in continuous process improvement based on university research. In a second derivative, it affects the sector where these materials are used, such as the Construction sector.

The aim of improvement in innovative construction materials meets the requirements in sustainability, costs reduction, increasing quality, better mechanical characteristics, flexibility in extreme locations, simple assembly, etc.

Let’s see some successful cases!

Bricks made out of Cigarette Butts

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology researchers found a brick fabrication technique which includes 1% cigarette butts. It could compensate the world annual cigarette production and create a lighter and more efficient brick.

Titanium Foam

 It is an innovative tough material with some interesting applications such as shipbuilding industry or medical prosthesis due to its lightness, flexibility, high chemical and mechanical strength and high stiffness.

innovative construction materials

New material used in Construction: Titanium Foam

Nanotechnology in construction materials

 Adding nanoparticles to the current materials like concrete or steel improve their characteristics but one special aspect is turning them into “smart” materials, able to measure stress state, deformations or potential failures. An example is “Nano Concrete” (traditional concrete with Fe2O3 nanoparticles).

3D Printed Bricks

 If you move to the construction workplace a 3D printer, you could fabricate in-situ ceramic bricks with structural function and customized design. These bricks are fabricated in 15-20 minutes and once hardened it is possible to stack then and create walls, vaults or pillars.

innovative construction materials

Only 15 minutes to make this 3D printed brick

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