Video: Professor Karl Ulrich on Innovation Tournaments


Running innovation tournaments or challenges is one of the key approaches we utilize with our clients in order to generate and filter the best solutions to their problems. So it was such a delight when we recently came across this interesting video by Dr. Karl Ulrich from University of Pennsylvania, where he was talking about the benefits of this approach for problem solving.

In his keynote address at Wharton MBA Reunion 2012, Professor Karl Ulrich, vice dean of innovation at the Wharton School, explains his research into innovation tournaments and real-world examples where this approach has led to the identification of exceptional opportunities.

We hope you enjoy this video and please let us know what you think of it.


At ennomotive we use innovation tournaments to find solutions to complex problems.

If you want to know about why using crowdsourcing combined with this technique, just read our white paper and let us know your thoughts.

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