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At ennomotive, you have the opportunity to face and solve real challenges. These challenges come from industries and companies that need help to become faster, more productive, more innovative or environmentally friendly.

Your role is to combine your engineering skills with a Sherlock Holmes spirit to find creative solutions!

ennomotive’s job is to properly formulate client issues and assist you throughout the process so that your submissions are evaluated based on merits and that prizes are given accordingly.

A challenge might have multiple rounds (typically 3). At the end of each round, you will be informed on whether or not you move on to the next round and continue competing for the prize.


Connect with thousands of bright professionals from all over the world to solve your engineering challenges. They will help you with your innovation initiatives such as product cost optimization, manufacturing productivity, energy and water efficiency, and more.

Describe your challenges in a way that can be well understood by the community members and assess their submissions.

ennomotive will help you properly formulate your challenges, establish the prize and be there for you throughout the entire process. In fact, we provide feedback to submissions and take an active role during the evaluations.

A challenge might have multiple rounds (typically 3). At the end of each round, you will decide whose submissions will move on to the next round and continue competing. Finally, you decide who the winner is!


You can win cash, jobs, recognition or even the possibility to work with our clients in a project.

The number of winners in a tournament will depend on the complexity of the challenge. Look at the “Terms” in the Prize section of each challenge to verify the award conditions.

In order to make the selection process according to merits, all the solutions are examined anonymously according to the “Evaluation Criteria” which are detailed in the description of the challenge.

Yes. If none of the proposed solutions fulfil the “Evaluation Criteria”, then no prize will be given. If tournament progresses to a third stage this means that some solutions will be awarded.

Once the tournament is finished and the client has selected the winner(s) we will contact you and send the prize. This process will not take longer than 1 month.

For sure teams can participate. You can engage and team with other colleges, and we will send the prize to the person posting the solution in our platform.

No particular degree is required to participate. Ennomotive is a community of engineering talent and we promote rewarding people according to merits and this depends exclusivelly on the submissions.

Only if you win a tournament your personal information might be shared. You can choose if you want to share it or not by selecting the option “I want my profile to be visible if I win a tournament (Yes/No)” in your profile.

You can only see your own proposed solution. Only the challenge owner and the Ennomotive team have access to everyones solutions.

IP of your submissions remains exclusively yours until your solution is awarded. IP transfer for awarded submissions depends on the “Particular Terms and Conditions” for each challenge. Ennomotive promotes IP sharing in front of client companies since we understand this is a key motivation for participating and maybe to create your own business.

Our community is mainly intended for engineering talent (mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial…) from any industry. Ennomotive tournaments relate to challenges in operations (product development, sourcing and procurement, manufacturing or construction, delivery and maintenance or after sales). Challenges can be technical or business related and from a wide range of industries (we strongly promote cross-industry innovation). Some examples include product/service optimization or cost reduction, manufacturing productivity optimization, quality improvement, energy efficiency optimization, transportation service optimization,… Should you have any question contact us.

Prior to post a challenge you need to contact us and sign a general contract. This contract describes all the game rules so that you can be aware on duties and rights from all parties. Once the contract is signed you will receive a user to create and post challenges.

This is regulated through our client contracts and participants terms & conditions. IP of any submission is transferred to you if awarded with a prize. However, you as challenge owner may decide to give up or share IP through particular terms & conditions to increase motivation of participants. We strongly recommend to share benefits since this is the key for everybody to win.

Our technology and processes provide high flexibility to manage confidentiality: You can decide not to publish your company name, use our private tournaments (only by invitation), share information progressively with participants or even ask for an NDA (Non disclosure agreements). Please contact us for further details.

Challenge description define the criteria to assess the proposed solutions. We help to define and review such criteria before the challenge is released. This helps participants to have a better understanding of expectations and define clear rules for everyone.

By default we provide visibility on some information around challenge participants (e.g. country, type of user – e.g. company, freelancer, student…- and qualifications). Full identity is limited to those that have been awarded, by the end of the challenge. We do this to increase efficiency in our tournaments and focus efforts on solving the challenge.

Prize payment occurs at the time the challenge has been solved and accepted by you; However, for further details just contact us.

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