Packing blocks for pallets: Innovation Challenge (€5.000 in prizes)

packing blocksPladur plasterboards are delivered in transportation stacks. A stack consists of one-size boards layered with packing blocks and shrink-wrapped together.

To reduce the weight in transportation, Pladur has introduced new packing blocks made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS URSA). However, the process is facing issues as packing blocks sometimes fall down and the last plasterboard is damaged.

Pladur is willing to find a solution to be able to pack the stack using the wooden and plastic packing blocks and fix the current issues. Any creative solution is welcome and may vary from using an efficient adhesive or propose a process change, although investment should be minimal.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria that will be used to assess your contributions are:

  • The proposed solution solves the issue
  • Minimum or no required investment
  • Feasibility evidence

The Prize

The winner will be awarded a 4.000 € cash prize and the second finalist will be awarded a 1.000 € cash prize.

Download full challenge description

This is a real manufacturing challenge! You can see the packing process in the video that comes attached to the challenge. Participate in this ennomotive challenge!


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