Heavy Lifting Automation System Challenge (12K € in Prizes)

heavy lifting

Operators working at a multiwall paper bag manufacturing plant are currently lifting heavy weights to carry out the manufacturing process. However, the client hopes for a heavy lifting automation system that improves the working conditions in the plant.


Forsac S.A. is a subsidiary of Empresas CMPC, one of the biggest forestry and paper companies in the world. It provides Sack Kraft paper packaging solutions and it has subsidiaries in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Mexico.

The Challenge

The multiwall paper bag manufacturing plant located in Chile also produces flexible packaging for retail and cardboard tubes used in the paper and plastic industry. This challenge focuses on the production, and more specifically, on the palletizing the cardboard tubes.

Operations today consist on picking up the tubes at the end of the manufacturing line, placing them manually in a vertical or horizontal position (depending on the tube) on the pallet and securing then with tape.

What the client is looking for

No operator should lift heavier loads than 25 kg, as they currently do in the plant when handling the tubes.

Therefore, Forsac S.A. has considered the implementation of innovations that enable the palletising of the tubes through an automated non-complex system or through supporting systems that improve working conditions and productivity.  The new system must be an improvement, not only technical but also cost-saving and cost-efficient, at the lowest possible investment.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Degree of automation of the solution.
  • Lowest investment or costs. The investment must be under 20K$ for a supporting system solution and under 200K$ for an automatic solution.
  • Improvement in productivity.


This is a 3 round tournament:

1st round – 4 weeks + 2 week for evaluation

2nd round – 4 weeks + 2 week for evaluation

3rd round – 4 weeks + 2 week for evaluation


8,000 € for support systems solutions.

The winner will be awarded with a 6,000 € prize and 1,000 € for both the 2nd and 3rd best solution.

12,000 euros for an automatic solution.

The winner will be awarded with a 10,000 € prize and 1,000 € for both the 2nd and 3rd best solution.


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