Renewable energy storage

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     R. Martinez 

    I’ve found this articles very interesting about compressing air for energy storage. Are there any other real ways to store excess energy, such as generating nitrogen? Could we use any existing assets other than sealed tunnels and mines? I am thinking about gas pipelines…

    Here are the links:

     Marcos Rupérez Cerqueda 

    The main point is , is it possible to install pressurized caves every where? there is enough caves around the world so it can be a real solution to store electrical energy.

    It is obvious that storage of electrical energy is one of the biggest challenges in the world as storing energy is the only way to full use renewable as main energy source. So indirectly solving the problem of storage will solve the climate change as there will be no need of fósil fuels to produce electricity.

    It is not clear which is the solution, there si many proposed: Hydrogen, Caves, lithium batteries, hydroelectric reversible centrals,

    This is an article where you can see different ways:

    My favourite is to not to store that much and make grids whit active control of the demand based on the real time electricity price market, where the electricity price changes based on the renewable sourced dispensables and the companies an households are smart and works when electricity is cheap.

    This can be added to the idea of store on the electric cars so those are used for mobility and grid support.

    What do you think about that?

     R. Martinez 

    I agree with the fact that finding a way to manage all that surplus and lack of energy taking advantage of already existing technologies like the electric cars can be a very interesting solution, but do you think the idea you suggest could put an end to the problem?

    Because if I understood it right it is more about trying to control the demand with the prizes, but I guess some of the demand will embrace the prize whatever it is, don’t you think?

    I have been reading some more about it, and I have the impression that there is still a need of a great solution, or a good combination of the existing solutions, as if this matter hasn’t seemed that important until a couple of years ago… or am I being too drastic?

    Here is another article I found very interesting, a bit more recent that addresses this topic

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     Marcos Rupérez Cerqueda 

    It is true that some part of the demand will use the energy any way as the energy is just a part of their industrial process or a home consumption that cannot be posponed… in principle.

    But case the price on the peak demand will be 10 times on peak time than in the valley time… maybe those demands will think about how not tu use energy on peak demand, for example maybe they will store their energy despite of massive storage system.
    and As they are in a process they can maybe store in better ways.
    I mean for example a production process that uses energy for cooling maybe can cool down huge quantities of water or PCM materials in valley and use the cooling on peak so they don´t use electricity.

    Actually this is very dependant ton the price because if the energy become very expensive on peaks some companies even will change their workers timetables.

    But any way I don´t think this will be that dramatic, i think this will be more a soft transition with multiple solution used together, but for that a real hour price market for every one will promote many initiatives.

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