[Opinion] Arduino Boards for industrial use

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     Eduardo Cáceres 

    If you’re reading this, I’d bet you’ve already heard of Arduino (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for!?).

    Undoubtedly, it’s an awesome platform to get involved in Electronics and Programming, as well as to develop your DIY projects (even to take place in some Ennomotive challenges!). The point is the enthusiasm it has generated in some (mainly small, I hope) companies seeking competitiveness in their sector and, worst of all, how some other people are trying to make profit from their naivety.
    An Arduino Uno costs $20 in Arduino’s official online store, and it can be easily bought by less than $5 in many other online stores. A priceless learning tool, and awesome, cheap option for creating your projects but, in the end, just a $5 electronic device.

    Would you rely on an Arduino to keep safe a much more expensive machine?
    I’m writing this because I’ve recently seen adverts about Arduino-based, wait for it, PLCs, sold by recently created companies.

    I’ve been using Arduino boards for a while (and I still do it, since they fit perfectly with my personal projects!), but if I owned a factory, I would not use Arduino-based PLCs there.
    For sure, that’s just my opinion.

    Would you?

     Nuño Valencia 

    I am a Freelance Arduino Developer I work in diferent projects using Maker Electronics Devices (Arduino, Raspberry…) in IoT ideas. Well I want to get this filosofhy and tecnology to the factories.


    + Open Source.
    + Cheaper
    + Big Comunity
    + I can Use that I need (for example I need a ModBus and Bacnet protocol and not need external gates)
    + Easier manteniments.

    – No experiencies

    But for me the experience is not realy important, in this time the best bussines and techologies are not oldest. The factories need changes the production estrategies.

    The same comparatión Raspberry Pi vs Industrial PC.

    Other idea is mixing both ways, using Modbus industrial Commercial sensors and actuators and to Arduino controler, or Siemmens PLC in the machine with IoT Arduino Projects.

    I am really interested in getting the factories and I propose to get be Consultor, now thanks Telefonica Open Future, Levidrio (Glass factory to León), Ildefe and Ade (publics organitations from Leon and Castile and Leon) I am working in a real industry projects using This diferent tech.

     Enrique Ramirez 

    I think this depends on the criticality of the process you want to measure. If not critical then Arduino or Raspberry could be a good and cheap way to reduce costs and monitor points where traditional PLC technologies are very expensive. At the end the final decision depends on different criteria.

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