Can we get our future energy from sources still unkown?

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     R. Martinez 

    I have been reflecting about this, and there might be sources we haven’t discovered, or that are being discovered but not known yet.

    Does anyone know or have thought about this? Because lately I have focused on finding new ways of storing energy instead of new sources and I am very curious about this…

     Marcos Rupérez Cerqueda 

    I think every thing is possible, it is not possible to know what will be discovered. but there is some promising possible energy sources like the cold fusion that can take maibe some day a surprise…

     Phil Rushton 

    Interesting thoughts. I always wonder whether there will be a development in engineering such that you can recycle/repurpose the energy used to create materials – e.g. plastics: could these be treated such that they burn or degrade and release energy in a similar concept to nuclear power generation?

     R. Martinez 

    Do you mean in the process of their recycling (the plastic e.g. you displayed)?
    In norway or sweden they use garbage to create energy, in fact sweden imports garbage from other countries!

     Tom Napier 

    I joined this site because of this question.

    There has been very little research done on the use of frequency as an energy source and/or method of replacing heat in separation/purification methods within industry. Every molecule has a natural frequency that can be used to combine or separate them from elements. Thus, this can either release the energy that created (thing of separating hydrogen from oxygen in water) them or allow purification separation of sand/clay and bitumen. The latter apparatus already exists and can be seen here:

    Unfortunately, heat is always been the method of separation/purification and few others have been significantly studied.

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