Which GPS Module would you pick up for programming?

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     G. Robotics 

    Building an autonomous robot requires multiple parts to work together seamlessly and thus they are all critical components of the project.

    However, due to the autonomous nature, our project depends heavily on using accurate GPS data to map Rover’s location. Without this important data feed, no movement can be performed or action can be taken. With this consistent search of improved accuracy, we want to ask others to share the GPS tech they use and what data they gather from it. We’ll go first!

    GPS Equipment:
    Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout – 66 channel w/10 Hz updates (Version 3)

    Data Collected:
    Source: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-ultimate-gps/direct-computer-wiring

    This GPS produces two kinds of NMEA data: GPRMC and GPGGA. We use GPRMC as our project only needs Latitude and Longitude position data. GPRMC data string will come with the initial signifier:
    $GPRMC (Global Positioning Recommended Minimum Coordinates)

    The code will look like this:

    Here is the breakdown and how to read the data output:
    Current time (Greenwich Mean Time, hhmmss.ms):
    194509.000  19:45:09.00 (7:45:09 PM)
    GPS lock: V = Void or A = Active
    Lat: 4042.6142,N  +40 42.1642’ N
    Long: 07400.4168,W  -74 00.4168’ W

    It is important to remember N & E = + and S & W = –
    Ground Speed: 2.03 knots
    Compass Direction: 221.11
    Date: 160412  16th of April 2012
    Transfer data checksum: A*77

    Source: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-ultimate-gps/direct-computer-wiring

    We use this GPS data to help Rover get around, we are still working out ways of improving our accuracy indoors. We are hoping that this inspires others to share their experiences using GPS Modules.

    Make sure to comment on our thread and ask questions to, we are all here to learn and help each other. If you happen to be in Miami or South Florida and would enjoy learning more about our work at Goddard Robotics make sure to reach out, we are always happy to meet fellow makers in our community!

    What do you use? What have you learned from playing with GPS Modules? Share your experience, tips and tricks in the comments below.

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