Electric vehicle problems… is it the real future?

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     Marcos Rupérez Cerqueda 

    Today the electric vehicle is everywhere…. the future told us the TV, but it is the real future? Or are there any problems that will appear once every human in the world wants to own an electric vehicle?

    I have some possible problem that can frustrate the electric vehicle implementation:

    – lithium resources: Nowadays all electric vehicles are based on lithium-ion batteries. But


    – Grid power supply: A regular family is using today around 5-10 kW peak power at their homes. case electric vehicle is implemented every family will use a machine ( an electric vehicle) that in some cases can be charged with an electric charger of around 100 KW and the will also have at their places so the energy production needed from the grid are huge!!!

    Take into account that the energy consumption of a country is mainly for the electricity and for the mobility ( petrol) and the petrol consumption is at least as big as the electricity. So case we integrate the mobility sector on the grid we need at least country grids twice the size of the actual ones.

    Do you think someone has taken into account this limits of the electric vehicle? do you thin electric vehicle will be the future?

    Waiting for your responses

     Marcos Rupérez Cerqueda 

    check this video with my opinion:

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