Reply To: What is scarier about Facebook chatbots AI?

 Eduardo Cáceres 

I just wanted to point out how British tabloids published that Facebook chatbots were shut down by their engineers because last ones were afraid of the results, something which is completely and obviously wrong, and how some Spanish media stated the same after (poorly) translating those articles.

Firstly, if bots communicating in a new language had been a real novelty, Facebook engineers would have never shut them down. In fact, I can imagine Facebook already having a full department dedicated to that specific topic before this piece of news. They’re probably laughing at media right now, BTW.
Secondly, and regarding bots lying each other, let’s remember how an AI beat some of the best human Texas Hold’em (poker) players in the world recently.

In short, Facebook chatbots shouldn’t scare us, or at least no more than other existing technologies.


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