Reply To: [Opinion] Arduino Boards for industrial use

 Nuño Valencia 

I am a Freelance Arduino Developer I work in diferent projects using Maker Electronics Devices (Arduino, Raspberry…) in IoT ideas. Well I want to get this filosofhy and tecnology to the factories.


+ Open Source.
+ Cheaper
+ Big Comunity
+ I can Use that I need (for example I need a ModBus and Bacnet protocol and not need external gates)
+ Easier manteniments.

– No experiencies

But for me the experience is not realy important, in this time the best bussines and techologies are not oldest. The factories need changes the production estrategies.

The same comparatión Raspberry Pi vs Industrial PC.

Other idea is mixing both ways, using Modbus industrial Commercial sensors and actuators and to Arduino controler, or Siemmens PLC in the machine with IoT Arduino Projects.

I am really interested in getting the factories and I propose to get be Consultor, now thanks Telefonica Open Future, Levidrio (Glass factory to León), Ildefe and Ade (publics organitations from Leon and Castile and Leon) I am working in a real industry projects using This diferent tech.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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