Fire Detection System in Forests with IoT (55K EUR in Prizes)

fire detection system

Can you come up with a fire detection system based on IoT technologies for the early detection of fires in forests? Participate in this ennomotive challenge and win up to 55,000 EUR in prizes.


Cellnex Telecom, the main independent infrastructure operator for wireless telecommunication in Europe, develops solutions in the field of “smart infrastructures” projects, deploying a solid ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT) through a wireless LPWA network, based on SIGFOX technology, specially dedicated to IoT.

The Fire Detection System Challenge

Cellnex Telecom is currently collaborating with different stakeholders to develop IoT-based services, specifically designed to be implemented in singular locations placed in forest areas. A fire detection system will help to improve early detection and prompt a rapid response.

What the client is looking for

Cellnex Telecom is looking for an IoT-based early fire detection solutions, to be prototyped and tested in a real forest environment. The solution will be designed to detect any fire occurring in a near perimeter of the singular location where device is installed.

The pilot test considered in the scope of this challenge will require the building of two prototypes to be installed and tested in forest locations.

The solution must consider the following key requirements -among others-:

  • Sensor elements for early fire detection, based on certain variables, or a combination of them: IR, abrupt temperature changes, changes in CO2, smoke, or other gases, relative humidity change, or other variables (to be selected by the solver)
  • 10 years minimum lifecycle, with a completely autonomous operation power system.
  • Including transceiver element to connect to SIGFOX network.
  • Integrating embedded intelligence to generate fire warnings, but minimizing the probability of false alarm.
  • Ready to be easily installed to work outdoor.
  • Ready to work on locations where a high magnetic/ electric field could affect

Once the challenge is successfully over, a second pilot test phase would be launched to monitor a larger scale of devices, with an objective of industrial production and deployment.


  • 1st round: 4 weeks + 1 week for evaluation
  • 2nd round: 6 weeks + 2 weeks for evaluation
  • 3rd round: 6 weeks for building and lab testing + 12 to 16 weeks for evaluation/onsite testing (including 6 to 8 weeks during summer time period)


Total rewards of 55,000 EUR


  • All solutions that make it to round 2 will share a prize of 10,000 €.
  • Those two solutions selected to be prototyped will be awarded with 15,000 € for each one.
  • The winner prototype will be awarded with a 15,000 € prize.

Intellectual Property

Solvers will keep Intellectual Property of the solutions presented to the challenge.

For those solutions awarded to be prototyped, Cellnex Telecom and related stakeholders will have the rights of use and commercialization in those countries where they operate.

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