Zero Carbon Emission Electricity Generator

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By using spring winding mechanism, I have invented a mechanism which can generate electricity with zero carbon emission. I found this mechanism in an old key winding clock. By doing some mechanical arrangements I have increased output RPM which is been given to a DC motor generator. By doing this I found that by winding the two springs of the same mechanism we can glow a bunch of LED’S for a time period of approximately ten minutes and also mobile charging for approximately five minutes. As we wind up the spring with the help of muscular energy in both, spring 1 and spring 2 we can store our muscular energy in the form of potential energy in springs. And thus, the potential energy stored in spring can be converted to kinetic energy as we release the brakes. This kinetic energy in the form of circular motion thus can be converted to electric energy through DC generator and can be directly used as an emergency device in forests, in remote areas and the place where sunlight is not seen for many days in winter and rainy climate. The mechanism is designed in such a way that as spring unwound in opposite direction in circular motion. Putting several gears arrangement, we can gain a required RPM to rotate our DC generator. Thus, we can harvest energy anywhere, anytime, and in any climate.


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  1. This can be used in forests at night time for glowing up the surrounding.
  2. We can use it, again and again, infinite times and can generate energy
  3. This can be used to charge the wireless devices in dense forests.
  4. This can be used to power the radio transmitter and mp3 players for entertainment.
  5. This can be used in hilly regions such as Siachin where no sunlight is seen in winter, this device can be used in such conditions.
  6. As this appliance is manually charged by a human so there is zero carbon emission and 100% eco-friendly.


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Green Emergency Device

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