Water Separation and Liquidised Waste Management

Project description

THE UNIVAT SYSTEM Water and Waste Treatment System Patent Protocol (PCT/AU2017/000012)


The UNIVAT SYSTEM enables the immediate separation (by way of 100% natural flocculent) to almost ALL waste streams regardless, then (by an intertwined 100% natural coagulant) pressing the now clear water out, leaving a dry form of the waste, which is then packaged for handling as part of the same process.


There are several components that make up the ‘Univat System’.

1. The Univat

2. The Agent

3. The Process Uses and viability Almost ALL industrial, commercial and domestic wastes can be treated.

Some 40 different genres of the industry have been identified with an unbelievable success rate. Fertilizers, blending, mixing with other streams to create value-adding (IE, Fly Ash, and Red Mud will make a very hard-wearing, very high heat resistant product, good for kilns, wear surfaces, transfer chutes, heat tiles, road bases).


Energy & Water



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Jan 2013



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Tim Straatmans

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Tim Straatmans


Points of Difference (of UNIVAT Systems compared to other treatment plants)
100% Natural – No chemicals Scalable models (from backpacker through to Industrial applications)
Portable models for intermittent cleaning in regions Stand-alone (24V, solar/wind) powered for remote regions or full-mains power (options)
SCADA and satellite for control monitoring worldwide and maintenance assistance
Far less moving parts (Univat replaces 5 machines in a container)
Cost competitive advantages and in many cases, an only option.
Rent/ Hire/ Buy options.
Scalable Business Plan.
(extremely) Unique design, unique agent and protocols
Win-Win for Client, owner and operator
Huge appeal to Humanitarian causes worldwide
Appeases environmental issues for Governments, Municipalities, NGO’s, Mining Sectors
The Value-Adding of varying waste streams becomes generated by stand-alone businesses
Global Roll-Out opportunities.


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