A New Generation of Snowboard Bindings – BindBoard

Project description

The aim of the project is the design and development of new-generation snowboard bindings. This totally new and revolutionary product will enable every snowboarder, either experienced or beginners, to practice the sport in an easier, much more comfortable and dynamic way. The particularity of these bindings is the capability given to the user of automatically attaching/detaching the entire bindings to/from the board without having to unfasten the straps. The project includes the whole process from designing the product to designing and developing the manufacturing process.


Mechanical Design



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Investors & Visibility

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Manuel Martín


Project propelled by active and talented engineering students, specialized in each of the fields needed for the correct development of the project.
High innovation at a low price, comparing it with the existing products in today´s market.
Main added value: the product can be purchased as an accessory which can be adapted to any binding the customer has, this is, the customer does not need to by an entire new binding, what brings down the selling price and increases the market.


energy contracting

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Biomass heating supply and old facilities renovation


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