Processing Plant Production Scheme

Project description

The project offers a new concept and its technological development of an entire processing plant production scheme, designed to reprocess large deposits of tailings that accumulated from previous operations and still contain two or more grams of gold per ton of material with its particle size ranging between 100 µm – 5 µm.

The proposed scheme consists of fully automated material transportation system (special freight railroad car sets (2/set); loading/unloading & material mixing facilities) and processing equipment plant itself. The material transportation system designed to continuously deliver up to 2 500 t/h of initial material to the processing plant and transport it throughout the site thereafter at zero (0) operating expenses.

The processing equipment suggested in the concept is based on a methodology and specific devices (Centrifugal Jigging Separator) that are capable to separate fine and ultrafine mineral particles effectively and consistently by means of environmentally friendly mechanical method (by gravity).

There are several models and modifications of such devices: The latest and the most advanced model is Multichamber (8) Centrifugal Concentrator with its feed capacity of 40 t/h and interchangeable concentration chambers of three types (depending on material type being processed).

This particular model is designed to separate mineral particles of wide range of sizes and fractional contents from 5 µm and up at high rate of concentration and is equipped with automatic discharge system.

It can also be used for purification of liquid materials (petroleum products) from mechanical impurities. A number of such devices (20; 40 or more) make a perfect solution for the above mentioned application.

Presently, I am seeking for Owners of applicable Material/Sites in order to implement business operation.


Automation & Robotics



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July, 2019

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Boris Khavkin


processing plant

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Environmental Gravitation

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