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The SETA project aims to solve the problem of drinking water in communities established close to rivers, coils and/or lakes that do not have an efficient water distribution network.

To this end, university students will teach and provide the necessary space for the youth of that community to manufacture their own DIY water pumps, both wind pumps and hand pumps.





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June 1, 2017


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fabrizio Salomón & Alejandra Cortazar


The prototype provides treated water to people living close to a river who do not have the ESSAP distribution network. These people currently perform a basic water treatment for their consumption.
However, the extraction of water requires a lot of human strength and effort. Many homes depend on a strong person to do this work. In addition to this, there is no certainty that the treatment that is performed is feasible, and we consider it paramount to ensure this to the users of our proposed solution.
It seeks to provide an economic solution for these people who are forced to purify the water themselves without even having some type of training in this area.
The integration of low-cost, low-complexity equipment that works together to provide potable water with treatment (at least primary) of water, provides an innovative solution for that community in relation to its traditional methods of obtaining water.
All the components to be used, already exist in the market, the end of the project is to bring all these together so that it adapts to the current situation of the community. Also, the fact that it will not be necessary to use an electric source for the operation of the pump is a great advantage for the community since the main reason why they do not accede to more modern methods of extraction is by the monetary lack.
The project has the potential for marketing, but it is not the end of it. In reality, what is sought is to make this system functional economically, and then to be able to transmit the idea to the final consumers and these people can build in a simple way and with materials that are within their reach.
However, it has marketing potential to offer to the government if it undertakes to provide citizens with this system, some stay that lies on the river bank or some other person to whom the invention would be useful.


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