Environmetally Friendly Engine – Alternative Power Unit

Project description

In the middle of 20th century, GM company tried to make an unusual engine which doesn’t need any power-creation agents like petrol or electricity.
History doesn’t reveal how this project ended but I had an interest in finding a new form of energy or natural forces which can replace or complete those existing on the market of power-transformation technologies.
My environmentally friendly engine doesn’t use any consumable product to create a mechanical power which can be transformed by connected applications to create an electricity, pump water/air or being used as a nonindependent stand alone motor.

I am working on this project already for more than 2 years and presently preparing my 3d ameliorated prototype for tests. I plan to finish preparation period for production in December 2017.

The most profitable applications for this kind of engines can be: Autonomous power units when another kind of energy is not available like deserts, marine space, air space, north regions or there is a need to have an available power after a long standby period of the time like control system for long-time storage’s, space stations, military applications and much more…
The lifetime for these kinds of units is around one human life and can be tailored on demand until 2 life time or even much more.

I am looking for an investor-partner who will be interested to support me during production preparation process until real implementation on the market.
I am open for any realistic propositions and I will discuss applicable conditions in person with such investor.

I expect to make a difference from GM way. Thank you for the real interest in my project.





Interested in:

Investors, Visibility, & Collaboration


December 2015

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Vladimir Safonov


Power generation without paying consumable mater and low maintenances fees.


energy contracting

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Biomass heating supply and old facilities renovation


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