Ennomotive will develop new innovation tournaments in Madrid

CEXCO, Spain Logistics Center (CEL) and Ennomotive have signed a collaboration agreement to improve networking between logistics companies and professionals, as well as establishing new practices for problem solving in day-to-day business challenges. In order to achieve this, Ennomotive has developed a platform where innovation tournaments will be held. It will be available via CEXCO’s webpage (Cexco.com). Ennomotive tournaments represent a novel way for companies to deal with their operational challenges and develop high quality solutions by connecting thousands of bright engineering professionals and students from all over the world. For CEXCO, this initiative means an amazing opportunity to build an ecosystem where companies and professionals will mutually benefit. CEXCO is a center of excellence located in the Madrid region that promotes a culture of quality and modernization for organizations. They act as a catalyst for a dynamic business model and promote the development of a more collaborative economy. Sharing best practices and solutions is fundamental for CEXCO’s contribution to a more vibrant market economy. CEL is the biggest Spanish association of logistics experts. The goal of this organization is to contribute to the enhancement of the logistic sector in Spain. Additionally CEL is the exclusive distributor of APICS certifications, which is an organization with more than 90.000 members worldwide. Make sure to check out this initiative and don’t miss out on this great entrepreneurial development for Madrid!