Ennomotive brings several companies together to fight against COVID-19

The goal of this non-profit initiative is to make the low-cost ventilator OxyVita available anywhere in the world.

This sustainable development project is led by ennomotive (prototype development and coordination) with the participation of companies like Vithas hospitals and its Foundation (medical validation), McFly Technologies (industrialization), and lyntia (funding of the pre-series manufacturing).

Other institutions and companies also collaborate on this project, like Francisco de Vitoria University, Catholic University of Valencia, Medical Simulator, ICAI Engineering Foundation, the renewable energy company Capital Energy and the Military Hospital Gómez Ulla, where the ventilator will be tested on animals.

This initiative began with an international competition launched on the 18th of March at ennomotive.com, where over 50 solutions were submitted. 

The new simple pressure control ventilator, OxyVita, is a design by Frede Jensen, a British engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the development of medical devices. 

The OxyVita validation pre-series will be manufactured in Spain to, initially, create a safety stock for Spanish hospitals. The low-cost, easy-to-maintain ventilator can be manufactured in any country and will be available for makeshift wards and military hospitals all over the world.

Although the estimated cost of the ventilator’s pre-series is 1,800 EUR / unit, the goal is to bring it down to 1,000 EUR. This way, hospitals that cannot afford high-end ventilators, whose cost is over 20,000 EUR, will be able to acquire an emergency device.

One of the goals of this sustainable development project is the possibility of manufacturing the open-source ventilator anywhere in the world. 

More information at https://www.ennomotive.com/emergency-ventilator-airvita/


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