Ennomotive Engineering Community A Problem-Solving Startup

Ennomotive, a big and global engineering community

It has been a year since we went live with Ennomotive, the global engineering community! And today we are more than 3000 engineers from all over the world! And we all share a passion for engineering problem solving ... Listen to the interview to our CEO at the incubator in the Instituto de Empresa, Madrid - Spain. [embed]https://youtu.be/KMafSVSCb4c?list=PLyyZX-bEgRnBHA2KXlTdN6Tgmug8fg9Pf\[/embed\] What are you waiting for? Are you an engineer, a creative thinker? Do you want to learn, get known and win prizes? A lot of real companies'  challenges are waiting for you! Join our community!