The Evolution of the ennomotive Engineering Community

Mario Honrubiaengineers

ennomotive is a global -emphasis on global- community of engineers that solve real-life company challenges for cash prizes. But you already knew that, right? Comparing the behavior of the members in 2016 and 2017, a few aspects stood out for us. Since we want to keep you informed about everything that happens at ennomotive, here are some metrics and data about the evolution of the members of this engineering community.

A Global Engineering Community

The global aspect of ennomotive is crucial to bring engineering innovation to the client companies, and it is also an encouragement for engineers that want to work on challenges abroad without leaving their countries. Based on data and metrics from our app and Google Analytics, we have observed that the most participative engineers come from West and East Europe and North Africa.

East Europeans

Europeans mostly live in Spain, the UK, Germany, or France, but in 2017 we have seen a steep increase in participants from Serbia, Croatia, Romania, etc. North Africans come mostly from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.

Latin America

In February 2017, the staff of ennomotive landed in Santiago de Chile to participate in Start-Up Chile program and expand the business there. After contacting and signing collaboration agreements with some universities there, we have seen how the number of Chilean participants rocketed. Since our Latin American adventure was a success, we continue to work there and are now expanding to other countries in the continent, which would explain the increase in participation from Chilean, Argentinian and Mexican engineers.

Diverse Professional Backgrounds

Apart from the geographical data, we have witnessed a change in the professional profile of the community in the past year. In 2016, more freelancers and engineers working for a company participated in the challenges, but now an increasing number of academics are joining the competitions and submitting excellent solutions.

The Young Entrepreneurs

A couple of months ago, we incorporated another feature into the ennomotive platform called Your Project. Anyone with a project or start-up can submit it and it will be posted for free, which will help with finding collaboration, funding or publicity. As a result, the age of the community members has decreased, since many young entrepreneurs joined with the purpose of posting the project but stayed because of the engineering challenges. I hope this post inspires and encourages you to join this global community of engineers and participate in the open and upcoming challenges we bring to you every month. What kind of engineer are you? Are you part of the most participative members? Let us know! Join our engineering community here