Connect with thousands of experts and startups from all over the world and solve your technical challenges using open innovation


In the ennomotive innovation ecosystems, companies may publish their  open innovation challenges  to obtain solutions from our global network of startups and engineers.

Besides the Engineering Ecosystem, where technology challenges (IoT, mechanical engineering, sustainability, etc.) can be published, we are creating other specialized ecosystems focused on innovation areas or sectors.

The greatest benefit of open innovation challenges is the use of global technology knowledge, which allows direct access to a universe of experts, academia, startups, and other companies.

Challenge our Innovation Network:

  • Open your challenge to experts, startups, and companies in your sector.
  • Get multiple and diverse solutions to your challenge.
  • Identify potential partners to accelerate your innovation.

Deliver tangible results to your business:

  • Transform the operations of your company increasing productivity and flexibility
  • Become more sustainable in your operations by reducing your environmental impact
  • Improve the products and services of your company.

Our Experience

This service has been successfully tested in more than 80 technological challenges:

  • Development of new products and services by using new materials, mechanical and electronic design, new devices and sensors, etc.
  • Enhancement of the agility and efficiency in construction and manufacturing operations through the application of process engineering, automation and robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact via the repurposing of industrial waste and the implementation of circular economy principles.
Check out in this video what an open innovation challenge is and two case studies developed at ennomotive.

Recent challenges


Mining and Construction


Energy and Utilities

Manufacturing of Steel, Cement, Paper, Wood, Cardboard, etc.

ther like Food, High Tech, etc.

Companies that worked with us

How does a challenge work?

ennomotive provides different options depending on the type of challenge and required service.

It is a customized service that adapts to your needs.

The basic option includes the publication of the challenges in our platform, the reception of technological solutions and and the possibility to establish collaborations to develop them.


Define your open innovation challenge and decide the reward you want to offer to get viable solutions.

As a reward, you can either offer a sum of money or a collaboration agreement for the prototyping or commercialization of new technologies.

In order to post the challenge, contact us to have a 'Client' account.


1st round: Get multiple proposals (as general concepts) and select the strongest ideas.

2nd round: Get solutions (as detailed specifications) for the selected ideas in previous round.

3rd round: Confirm viability for the best solutions through clarifications, check-ups or prototyping.


Select the winner of your open innovation challenge.

Award the best solution with cash prizes or by signing collaboration agreements.

There are also more advanced options available that include support during the specification of the challenges, joint review of the received solutions, intellectual property rights transfer, or or the publication of your challenge on a specific ecosystem.

To acquire this service and post your challenges, first you need to have a ‘Client’ account.

Contact ennomotive for more information.

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