Accelerate your open innovation through our consulting services

ennomotive’s innovation consulting services enable companies to adopt modern innovation capabilities. Our objective is to help you deliver tangible results for your business. We engage in identifying opportunities, finding the right tech partners and accelerating the development of new products and services.

Globalization and rapid technological evolution are creating an increasingly complex competitive environment. Rapid and efficient innovation becomes a key capability for the companies that want to stay in the market. In addition, there are lots of upcoming knowledge and new technologies that can be used to create new products or services much faster and cheaper.

Our open innovation methods, web platform and global community of solvers allow us to accelerate innovation projects with amazing results. We build innovation ecosystems to attract and engage global, interdisciplinary and diverse talent that accelerates technological developmen.

Since 2015 ennomotive has carried out more than 100 technological innovation projects, using its effective global network of more than 25,000 engineers. We have changed the rules of innovation:
  • Accelerate x 3 the speed of innovation projects
  • Double the efficiency of companies´ resources dedicated to innovation
  • More than 8 out of 10 projects are successful.

Innovation consulting based on open models

Open innovation helps to capture unlimited knowledge, either internally or outside the company, with our global solvers community. .

Open innovation models have proven to be much more efficient both for the optimization of the companies’ operations and for the faster creation of better products and services. Besides, the application of lean methods to innovation projects helps to deliver better results, for instance, through the early generation of multiple and diverse solutions for the same challenge.

This approach led us to the development of a set of unique assets, methodology, processes, platform and innovation ecosystems that are the very foundation for our different innovation consulting services.

ennomotive’s capabilities represent a modern alternative to the services traditionally offered by engineering and  innovation consulting companies, technological centers, and universities. These organisations generally use limited staff to create solutions for company challenges and projects. In conclusion, ennomotive helps companies turn their business goals into business results in record time.

Innovation Ecosystems

Ennomotive is an expert in the creation of innovation ecosystems. An ecosystem is a hub where experts, startups, companies, etc. meet to develop innovative products and services.

This expertise comes from the creation of the first global ecosystem specialized in engineering innovation in 2015. This ecosystem has now a network of +20, 000 engineers and startups that have solved over 80 technology challenges.

From this expert and startup network, our offer for companies is to build and maintain specific  innovation ecosystems that match their specific innovation priorities. This service includes the creation of a specialized network, the management of content of interest, support in the publication of challenges, the organization of hackathons, among other activities.

Design and Execution of Open Innovation Programs

ennomotive has a set of proven processes and tools to conduct end-to-end open innovation programs.

These programs help our clients not only to solve specific  innovation challenges but also to improve their companies’ entire innovation system, just by adopting agile and robust processes that constantly deliver tangible business results.

A program’s life-cycle starts from the innovation strategy and the identification and selection of challenges to ultimately find and validate solutions.

We have experience in different innovation fields like the following: New products and services development in sectors such as automotive or energy.

Productivity and safety improvement in mining or construction operations and other manufacturing fields (steel, paper, concrete, etc.).

Minimization of the environmental impact, e.g. through the implementation of circular economy in sectors like mining and manufacturing (wood, chemical industry, etc.).


  • Development of end-to-end open innovation programs.
  • Creation of permanent ecosystems in line with the innovation strategy.
  • Adoption and cultural change through a modern and efficient open innovation methodology.


  • Tangible business benefits through open innovation.
  • New and better business opportunities related to new products and services.
  • Local and global co-creation agreements with new technological partners (startups, SME’s, universities, etc.).

Workshops for the identification and selection of open innovation challenges

Our innovation consulting suggests that companies should start by defining the areas to innovate, according to the business strategy. In this sense, we help our clients to identify and select the most attractive challenges, considering financial, social, and environmental goals.

At ennomotive, we use structured methods for the organization of workshops in different business areas. These workshops may involve not only the company staff but also some clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.


  • Evaluation of opportunity areas and innovation priorities.
  • Workshop organization for the alignment of innovation opportunities.
  • Organization of challenge identification sessions with clients and other potential partners.


  • Identification of potential challenges.
  • Challenge selection depending on their technical viability and value regarding the business.
  • Building client relations and increase of the company visibility within the sector.

Global scouting to solve technical challenges

Our technology scouting service helps companies obtain a wider range of solutions from different countries and industries.

To make this happen, we combine our global engineering crowdsourcing, the power of our social networks, and an active search for startups, technological centers, and other organizations.


  • Evaluation of the technical challenge specifications to increase the probability of resolution.
  • Publication of the challenge in our engineering crowdsourcing platform and social media accounts.
  • Active international search for startups and technological centers.


  • More global and cross-industry challenge solvers.
  • Better and more diverse solutions per innovation challenge.
  • Better effort-risk balance in the challenge-solving process.

Pilot projects to validate technological solutions

Our innovation consulting suggests a validation process uses agile methods and tools in technology pilot projects through a series of design, building, and test cycles.

The validation cycles and their duration are defined by the type of proposed technology and the scope of the project. Thus, we reduce the risk associated with the implementation of design solutions in a real environment. Also, it becomes easier to anticipate the difficulties that come with any  innovation process.


  • Agile methodologies and tools for technology evaluation.
  • Training for the project teams involved in the building of pilots (suppliers, in-house staff, etc.).
  • Coaching during the piloting process to achieve fast and business-oriented results.


  • Risk reduction in pilot projects that seek the validation of technological solutions.
  • Progress monitoring throughout the execution of the pilots, especially when there are project teams working in different locations.
  • Risk reduction through on-site visits and partial tests during the early stages.