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Companies post their challenges in an ecosystem


Experts and startups who are members of the ecosystem may join challenges and submit innovative solutions


Companies select the best solution and the winners receive cash prizes or sign collaboration agreements


The challenges allow technology experts and startups to collaborate with companies in the development of new products and services with their knowledge. Besides, you will have the opportunity to work jointly in pilots, sign commercial agreements, or get contracts.

At ennomotive, you will face and solve real challenges. These challenges come from industries and companies that need help to become faster, more productive, more innovative, or environmentally friendly.

Your role is to combine your engineering skills with a creative mind to find innovative solutions!

ennomotive’s job is to properly formulate client issues and assist you throughout the process so that your submissions are evaluated based on merits and that prizes are given accordingly.

A challenge might have multiple rounds. At the end of each round, you will be informed on whether or not you move on to the next round and continue competing for the prize or collaboration agreement.


The challenges allow companies to pilot and develop innovative technologies in collaboration with experts, startups, and tech centers that add their knowledge and expertise.

Connect with thousands of bright professionals from all over the world to solve your technology challenges. They will help you with your innovation initiatives such as product cost optimization, manufacturing productivity, energy and water efficiency, and more.

Describe your challenges in a way that can be well understood by the community members and assess their submissions.

ennomotive will help you properly formulate your challenges, establish the prize and be there for you throughout the entire process. In fact, we provide feedback to submissions and take an active role during the evaluations.

A challenge might have multiple rounds. At the end of each round, you will decide whose submissions will move on to the next round and continue competing. Finally, you decide who the winner is!

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If you are a company looking for innovative solutions, at ennomotive you can connect with thousands of experts and startups from all over the world and solve your challenges faster and more efficiently.