OxyVita: Emergency Ventilator

ICU Ventilator for the intubation and treatment of COVID-19 patients.

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Sustainable development project to develop an ICU ventilator that can be manufactured anywhere.

Safe and robust solution for future healthcare emergencies.

Easy to use by professionals not trained in artificial ventilation.

Open-source technology with readily available components, easy to scale-up in different countries.


How this initiative started:

  • International open innovation competition/challenge launched at www.ennomotive.com on the 18th of March, 2020.
  • 1 solution selected among 50 different proposals.
  • The prototype was built by a group of engineers in 2 weeks.
  • The solution was presented at the Arturo Soria Vithas Hospital on the 15th of April, before a panel of doctors and engineers.
  • Agreement with Vithas, that will support the testing process and the medical validation, and with McFly Technologies, that will take care of the industrialization process.
  • lintya will help to fund the industrialization and the manufacturing of the pre-series of 100 units.
  • New collaborators join in like Francisco de Vitoria University, Catholic University of Valencia, the renewable energy company Capital Energy, Medical Simulator, and the Military Hospital Gómez Ulla.

The Ventilator

  • Emergency ventilators for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in ICUs.
  • Design by Frede Jensen, a British engineer with +30 years of experience in R&D and ventilators.
  • Simple technology based on simple pressure control.
  • A simple and robust solution with clear benefits over other proposals.
  • A safe design, it incorporates redundant systems and alarms and has a complete risk analysis.
  • Low cost (approximately 1,800 EUR / unit).
  • Scalable (readily available components).
  • Easy to use by non-trained professionals.
Contact us for more information about the ventilator.
Let us know if you wish to make a donation for the manufacturing of ventilators, if you need the information to manufacture them in your country or if you want to request a number of ventilator units for a specific hospital.

The Project Team

F. Jensen



E. Ramírez


Project manager

R. Ruiz



C. Pardo



D. Ortiz



R. Pérez



A. Ayuso

Fundación Vithas


I. Narváez



M. L. Sheriff




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