Spanish researchers design a CO2-free internal combustion engine

Researchers from the Technical University of Valencia (UPV) have designed a new internal combustion engine that neither emits damaging gases nor CO2. It is also highly efficient and complies with the 2040 emissions regulations. It is a "revolutionary" engine, according to its creators, and the first two prototypes of this engine will see the light in the coming months thanks to the funding provided by the Innovation Agency of Valencia. The engine is based on the use of ceramics membranes that eliminate all the polluting and damaging gases (NOx) and capture and liquefy the CO2. This way, the technology developed by this team of researchers will enable an engine with the same autonomy and fuelling capacity as a conventional one, but with the benefit of being completely clean, without any type of contaminant or greenhouse effect, just like electric engines. The developed technology is mainly aimed at large vehicle manufacturers, both for passengers and goods, terrestrial, maritime, and aviation. Besides, it can be used to adapt current diesel engines in special vehicles.