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Uses of Copper Graphene (G/Cu) nanocomposite

Premio: 15,000 USD

Estado: Completed


Codelco Tech is Codelco’s subsidiary focused on technological development and Codelco is the main Chilean company and first world copper producer.

Codelco Tech provides services related to technological development, market research and business development. In that sense, one of his current challenges is to encourage the use of copper by searching for new opportunities and uses. 


The challenge:

The Graphene/Cu nanocomposite (G/Cu) is stronger and has better yield strength, tensile strength, and elastic modulus than pure copper. However, the electrical conductivity decreases when graphene is added. The current value proposition relies in the comparison with pure copper. Using a 3% graphene in a copper nanocomposite, the yield strength is 207 MPa, the tensile strength is 263 MPa and the electrical conductivity is 82,7% IACS.

Considering the mentioned characteristics, we are looking for the best applications for this nanocomposite (G/Cu).


What the client is looking for:

The goal of this challenge is to find ideas on specific potential applications in which the use of this new alloy translates into a technical/economic improvement compared to the currently used materials. The benefits must be adequately justified, technically or economically, in order for the solution to be evaluated. 


Evaluation criteria:

●        A very detailed specification of the application.

●        An improvement in the performance of the new alloy compared to the currently used material.

●        Market potential: sectors, companies, volume…


This is a 1-round tournament with the following submissions:

A PDF document including:

●        A detailed specification of the application.

●        Maximum cost of the alloy for it to be profitable.

●        The justification of the benefits of using the Cu-Gr alloy.

●        The submission of visual documentation will be positively evaluated: sketches, pictures…



This is a 1-round tournament with 6 weeks for submission + 2 weeks for evaluation.

Note: This challenge has had a preliminary phase (private) for initial ideas that has been concluded.


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