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Process to apply a memory material for a PP fitted sheet for ambulance covers

Premio: 20.000 €

Estado: Completed


Our client is a global leader in the healthcare, beauty, specialty paper, and custom converting markets. They develop, manufacture, and market products that promote safety and sanitation within medical and beauty settings, and specialty papers for a variety of end-use applications.

With a culture dedicated to innovative design and operational excellence, our client delivers products that offer protection, value, and convenience.

The challenge

The company is attempting to manufacture single use fitted sheets for ambulance stretcher mattress covers made from polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric.

What the client is looking for

The company is looking for design and specify a process to weld or apply a memory material (elastic, adhesive et.) to two ends of a sheet with radiused corners. Sheet material is a non woven polypropylene spunbond. This creates a fitted sheet for application to securely cover foam filled mattresses.

Single use sheet specification (see sketch attached):

  • Nonwoven spunbond material basis weight will range from 50gsm to 100gsm
  • Length of circumference is approximately 64.5”” (164 cm”) on each end of sheet
  • Memory material width acceptable range 0.5cm - 1.0cm. Material cannot contain natural latex.
  • Aprox. process cycle time 5 sec./sheet

Maximum investment budget for the target solution is $400,000.00

This is a 3-rounds tournament with the following submissions:

First round

•       Description of process with rough sketches and estimated cost

•       Feasibility evidences.

Second round

•       Equipment schematic drawings.

•       List of supplier(s) that capable of building the process machinery.

•       Detailed process description with parameters (temperature, speed, etc.).

•       Estimated costs (break down).

If required, additional information will be provided during the course of this round.

Third round

•       Supplier quotes and timeline

(*) If required, during this round, the seeker company will get quotes from suppliers, e.g. to quote solutions proposed by individual users.

In addition the name of the company will be revealed to the finalists.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Feasibility evidence materials, process and equipment
  • Lower Cost – per supplier quotations

Tournament Structure and Timing

This is a 3-rounds tournament with the following timings

  • 1st round – 6 weeks+ 2 week for evaluation
  • 2nd round – 4 weeks + 2 week for evaluation
  • 3rd round – 2 weeks + 1 week for evaluation

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