Noise Reduction on Golf trolley

Prize: 3.000€

Status: completed


Our client is a startup manufacturer for golf solutions. The company is trying to introduce in the market their own scooter golf to help golf players move around the golf course.


The challenge 

Walking around the golf course can be fairly tiring. This new vehicle has been created to revindicate one thing: walk when you want, hop on it when you are tired and the slope is too steep. 

The player decides whether to walk or ride, the scooter is fully foldable and it can be handled by only one person. It can be carried in the trunk of a small car and stored inside a cupboard at home.

However, recent tests have shown that the prototype is a little noisy. In fact, during tests in the golf course, it makes an annoying buzzing sound of 84dB.

It would be desirable for good golf game’s sake, to achieve a quiet scooter golf.

The current engine set (technical sheet provided with the challenge) is made of two motors and two reduction gearboxes for left and right wheels:

  • Two Maxon EC 45 engines, Reference 136207, diameter 45mm, 250W, 4.300rpm. Very quiet. (technical sheet attached)
  • Two PGII 060 reduction gearbox, three stages, running noise 62dB. (technical sheet attached)
  • Two wheels, 3mm sheet steel rim.
  • One tube to join the two wheels. aluminum material, 76mm external diameter and 70mm internal diameter. It is possible to increase the external diameter up to 95mm.
  • Two aluminum bushes to fix the reduction gearbox to the tube, inserting the gearbox into the bush (using four screws ) and this bush into the tube (using other screws).

Maximum working temperatures: following specs. 90ºC (gearbox) & 125ºC (engine). If the scooter golf is overworked, it can reach the maximum temperature and stop working until it cools down after a few minutes.


What the client is looking for

This competition is intended to find a better or different design (modifying the current design, use different materials, use other elements, creating a new design…) for the purpose of decreased the metallic buzzing sound of 84dB.


Required functionalities of the new design:

• Minimum noise

• Minimum cost

• Minimum changes

• Complies with current mechanical specs


This is a one round tournament with the following deliverables:

• A detailed 3D model of the assembly of full transmission set.

• Expected noise level (dB), with a virtual simulation noise study to support it, if possible.

After this round, the client will manufacture and test prototypes to confirm requirements.


Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria of the tournament for the proposed solutions are:

  • Minimum noise
  • Lower cost per unit
  • Lower investment required
  • Minimum changes
  • Complies with current mechanical specs



This is a one Round tournament:

6 weeks to present solutions + 4 weeks for evaluation


The Prize

The winner will be awarded with:

  • A 2.000€ cash prize if noise level is lower than 50dB
  • A 3.000€ cash prize if noise level is lower than 45dB
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