Intelligent Functions on Board the Vehicle

Prize: 10,000€

Status: completed


Grupo Antolin is one of the largest players in the car interior market internationally and first global supplier of headliner substrates. Grupo Antolin started its business journey in the 1950s as a mechanics garage in Burgos, Spain, and today it has become a leading multinational company in the development, design and manufacture of interior components for the automobile industry with a long industrial tradition and mastery of a broad technology portfolio.

 The company is a key reference in the automotive sector, offering products with high added value to outfit automobile interiors: Overheads & Trunk Trim, Doors & Hard Trim, Lighting and Cockpits & Consoles. GA is a profitable, competitive company established in 25 countries where more than 30,000 individuals provide their skills. Creativity, leadership and client satisfaction continue to be the core values of the Company today, which are the best recipe for success in the future.


The challenge

New trends associated with engine’s electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving and car sharing models are revolutionizing the mobility and, in particular, the way of using and enjoying the car interior on each of its parts. These trends offer the opportunity to introduce new functions into the car interior to improve the user experience and the quality of life on board.

Furthermore, the reduction in the cost of certain electronic devices and the progress made in control technologies at HW and SW levels, make it possible to introduce new functions in the vehicle based on intelligent systems.

However, identifying actually useful functions or applications for which users and customers are willing to pay is a very difficult mission in an industry as competitive and cost-pressed as the automotive.


What the client is looking for

Grupo Antolin is looking for new functions based on intelligent systems that can operate without user intervention. These systems must combine monitoring actions by sensors and control actions by the corresponding actuators. It must be possible for the elements of the system to be integrated into the products manufactured by Grupo Antolin. 

The functions may relate to the field of interior architecture, safety, comfort (temperature and humidity control, air quality, acoustic conditions, interior lighting...), infotainment, storage solutions or any other aspect that brings value to the driver and/or the passengers on each seat.

The type of sensors, actuators and control systems needed to perform the proposed function must be described and a brief analysis of their current prices must also be included. A description of how to integrate them into the product and their possible implications in the product's production process will be taken into consideration.

These new functions are thought to be developed in the short/medium term. They should be intended for both conventional vehicles and vehicles for car sharing services (not for long-term concepts regarding autonomous driving).

The performance, consumption and cost design will be essential. The proposed system may be either self-powered or connectable to the vehicle's general power supply.

Synergy aspects of the proposed system with other vehicle systems will be positively appreciated.


Deliverable Material

This is a one-round challenge. You must submit a PDF file with the following information:

  • Details about the proposed function.
  • Details on proposed technology (sensor/actuator/control system models).
  • Technical specifications of the components. Possible suppliers.
  • Sketches for the integration process in the related product (automotive component).
  • How can the system or its integration process affect the manufacturing process of the component.
  • Evidence of operation in other areas if possible.


Evaluation Criteria

  • User Value of the proposed function
  • Simplicity and performance
  • Originality of the system
  • Cost
  • Integration in the car interior


Tournament Structure and Timeline

This is a one-round challenge with the following deadlines:

  • 6 weeks + 3 weeks for evaluation
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