Industrial Plant Temperature & Humidity Control System

Prize: 12,000 €

Status: completed


Forsac S.A. is a subsidiary of Empresas CMPC, one of the biggest forestry and paper companies in the world. It provides Sack Kraft paper packaging solutions and it has subsidiaries in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Mexico, where it has successfully adapted to every specific market need, always complying with the quality and sustainability standards and committing to the quantity and deadlines during delivery.  

It is a consolidated multiwall paper leader in Chile and Peru and produces more than 600 millions of paper packages annually. Its main markets are the United States, Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean countries.


The challenge:

The present multiwall paper bag manufacturing plant located in Peru has a covering surface of approximately 6,816 m² and 50 operators working there at peak time.  


  • 6,816 m² of covering surface in:
  1. The manufacturing plant, measurements: 52.40m x 120.40m and a variable height between 7.00m and 8.70m.
  2. The pre-printing area has the following measurements: 18.50m x 27.43m and a variable height between 5.00 and 6.70 m
  • 50 operators working at peak time. 
  • 5 manufacturing lines.
  • 6 Vacuum pumps in the end-of-roll monitors with a150 Nm3/hour of power each one. The evacuated air temperature is 36ºC.

The construction materials of the present building are: 

  • Concrete beams and pillars for the structure.
  • Precor steel sheet for the covering.
  • Combination of Precor steel sheet and glass windows for the side facing.
  • Reinforced concrete floor of 20 cm thick.

See attached plans and pictures.

The plant operates 24 hours from Monday to Saturday and occasionally 16 hours on Sunday with an average of 2 manufacturing lines working. The plant does not operate on holidays.

The current cost of electricity in Peru is 90 USD$/MW-h, the cost of the water currently used is 2.20 USD$/m3 and the cost of Natural gas is 6.50 USD$/MMBTU.


What the client is looking for:

After the temperature increase of the past few summers due to the climate change, Forsac S.A. is facing the need of improving and modernizing the conditioning system of their plant in Peru. 

In order to do that, Forsac S.A. has considered the implementation of innovations that enable improvements in cost-saving and in the quality of the workplace. The goal is to find a solution that keeps the right temperature (between 26ºC and 28ºC) with the minimum energy consumption and investment. Relative humidity must be considered.

The solution will be evaluated in terms of energy efficiency, considering annual operation expenses, investment and cost of maintenance. In order to do that, a 15-year business plan that includes these factors is required. 

To even out the prices of the different solutions, the prices on the website will serve as a reference for the materials and the reference price for labor force in Peru is 4USD$/h.

See attached annex to read about the climate conditions of the Peru plant. 


Evaluation Criteria: 

  • 15-year business plan.
  • Approximately investment required of 200,000USD$.
  • Annual Energy Consumption.


This is a 3-round competition with the following submissions:

First round

A single PDF document (5-10 pages) including:

  • Brief description of the proposed conditioning system.
  • Type of equipment that will be used.
  • Sections of the resulting enclosures, with materials.
  • High level business plan (investment cost and energy consumption) complete Business case file attached.
  • High level thermodynamic calculation.

In addition you can add an attached document to support your solution.

Second round

  • Detailed drawings and costs.
  • Commercial construction materials and equipment.
  • Detailed business plan (project implementation, investment cost, energy consumption and water, and maintenance costs).
  • Detailed thermodynamic calculation, including some computer simulation.

If required, additional information will be provided during the course of this round. 

Third round

  • Documents for implementation quotation.



This is a 3 round competition:

1st round – 6 weeks + 2 week for evaluation

2nd round – 4 weeks + 2 week for evaluation

3rd round – 4 weeks + 2 week for evaluation


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