Identification of key technologies to improve industrial operations

Prize: Mini iPad

Status: completed


Ennomotive is a start-up founded by a group of engineers with more than 20 year of global experience in Engineering & Operations*.

Our mission is to help our clients to improve their operations through innovation tournaments and a community of experts coming from all over the world. The improvements in operations can be related to productivity, flexibility, cost, speed, resilience, etc.

(*) Operations include product development, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and distribution and after sales.

The challenge

We are currently launching our company and need to focus on the most promising technology areas and their source of talent.

Example of technology areas might be robotics and drones, energy efficiency, Internet of Things, 3D printing, etc.

Example of sources of talent could be specific media such a particular magazine (e.g., forums , blogs, etc.

What Ennomotive is looking for

In this 3 round tournament we are expecting you to provide the following information at the end of each of the rounds:

First Round (4 weeks)

  •  3 most promising technology areas, related industries and operations processes (e.g. robotics, industrial equipment + automotive +..., manufacturing and warehousing).

Second Round (3 weeks)

  •  7 key and active forums for each technology areas
  • 3 key influencers* for each industry and technology area.

Third Round (2 weeks)

  • Response to the evaluation criteria shown below.

(*) An Influencer is a person who is well connected and regarded as influential in know how, someone who is looked for advice and expert knowledge.

Overall submissions should be a 6 pages MS Word (2 pages per technology) including the study + response to the evaluation criteria. In addition you can attach relevant documents that help support the evidence of your submission.

Evaluation Criteria

1.       Completeness

  •  Degree of completeness of the study

2.       Applicability

  • For each technology and industry, current and future key performance indicators (e.g. man-hour per manufactured car from X to Y)
  • Examples / case studies that demonstrate the potential impact of the technology to solve real companies’ problems/improve their operations.
  •  Proper estimation of its potential benefit to a companies. 

3.    Market potential

  • Number of opportunity industries impacted, including Key Performance Indicators
  •  Number of opportunity operations processes impacted.
  • Estimate of the business potential for Ennomotive looking at mid and large size companies (50 MEuro revenues) in the Spanish market.
How to join
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  • Register as a representative of your company or as an individual.
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  • 2. Join a challenge or apply to a project
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  • If you haven't done this before, it may be necessary to complete your profile in order to proceed.
  • Don’t forget to mark the deadline in your calendar to send your submission.
  • 3. Prepare and send your solution or project proposal
  • Check out the challenge or project attachments with additional information.
  • Make your submission concise. A 3-5 pages pdf document might be sufficient, although you can send additional documents such as drawings, calculations or specifications.

    Good Luck!