Device Adapter Design

Prize: 6.000€

Status: completed


Our client is a dynamic and active company, always looking for new products. With an innovative vision and an international scope, our client is currently doing some research in diverse markets to find the best solution to his problem. He needs a universal adapter to connect a new device to three different piston device models. 

The challenge

The piston device is formed by a tubular container which has a regulation cap on top that needs to be rotated and a button to be pressed.

The client would like to connect the new device to 3 different piston device models with a unique adapter.

You can find attached the drawings of the new device and models of piston devices (models K, F and S).

The adapter must be assembled to the new device once and it must remain fixed (shifting or vertical moving is not allowed).

The intended used of the adapter is:

  • Introduce the piston device into the adapter 
  • Fix the adapter to the piston device
  • Use the device
  • Disassemble the adapter from the piston device 
  • Repeat the process with another piston device (equal or different to the previous one)

What the client is looking for

The client is looking for the best design, aiming to make a unique and simple compatible adapter for the piston device models. The adapter is available in a unique standard measure and has to be coupled to the different piston devices.

We are looking for an adapter that allows to couple the new device to different piston devices.

The solution we are looking for not only it does not interfere with the normal use of the piston devices, allows to couple a new device to different kinds of piston devices.

The adaptor has to fix the new device to the piston device firmly, not allowing swing, wobble or looseness and ensuring the normal operation of the piston device. 

 Required functionalities of the new adapter are the following:

  • Optimum stability (no motions of swing, wobble or looseness)
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use (assembly and disassembly) 
  • No loose parts if it is possible 
  • Durability and mechanical resistance 

New device, adapter and piston devices 3D models are attached to the challenge. To visualize the 3D model you can use (for windows OS).

This is a 3-round tournament with the following deliverables:

First round

  • Draft design of the case, including a description of how do you ensure the 
    stability, assemble and disassemble.

Second round

  •  Detailed 3D model of the adapter

Third round

  • Required clarifications 
  • During this round, the client will manufacture and test prototypes to confirm requirements.

Evaluation criteria 

The evaluation criteria for each round of the tournament for the proposed solutions are: 

  • Optimum stability (no motions of swing,wobble,looseness)
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use (assembly and disassembly) 
  • No loose parts if it is possible 
  • Durability and mechanical resistance
  • Lower cost per unit 
  • Attractive design


 This is a 3-round tournament:

  • 1st round: 6 weeks + 1 week for evaluation 
  • 2nd round: 4 weeks + 1 weeks for evaluation
  • 3rd round: 12 weeks + 1 week for final evaluation
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