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Alternatives to metal parts prototyping

Premio: 5.000 €

Estado: Completed


Indra is the leading consulting and technology multinational in Spain and Latin America. It provides solutions and services for the Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Administration and Healthcare, Financial Services, Security and Defense and Telecom and Media sectors. 

Indra develops and supplies systems for aircrafts that include parts being produced by a selected outsourced manufacturers network.

The challenge

Metal parts (made of light alloys, e.g. Al-Li) prototypes are typically manufactured using machining manufacturing or metal injection molds. These methods are costly and have long lead times.

What the client is looking for

Indra is looking for new technologies such as 3D printing or other modern methods to reduce cost and lead times in manufacturing prototype parts (sample specification to be sent to participants upon reception of signed NDA) while meeting target specifications.

This tournament will have the following rounds and submissions:

First Round

  • Proposed method with feasibility evidence, e.g. examples of other parts produced with the proposed process. A 1-2 pages description with relevant information in annex.

Second Round

  • To Be process description and equipment to produce the prototype
  • To Be estimated costs and lead times, e.g. including sample parts case studies

During this phase additional information and supplier conditions will be provided for cost calculations

Third Round

  • Clarifications on phase 2 submission

Evaluation criteria

  • Compliance with target specification of the part to be prototyped
  • Cost reduction
    • Lower recurring cost /unit
    • Lower non-recurrent cost (investment in molds, etc.)
  • Production lead time reduction
  • Feasibility evidence based on sample parts case studies


The overall duration of the tournament will be 5 weeks distributed in the following way:

  • First round: 3 weeks + 1 day evaluation
  • Second round: 1 week + 2 days evaluation
  • Third round: 0,5 weeks + 1 day evaluation

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