Antofagasta, Pioneer in the Development of Copper Nanoparticles

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Antofagasta is once again at the vanguard of the mining field. In this occasion, due to the recent installation and operation of the first plant of copper nanoparticles in Chile, which is focused in the industrial production done with a 100% of national resources and technologies. This will generate a positive turn of the strategic projections in the Mining Cluster due to a production with added value, more sophistication and better technology.

The Copper Nanoparticles in Chile

Due to its diverse applications in numerous industries, its demand grows progressively in the country. Its uses go from the pharmaceutic field to the paintings and the market requires everytime bigger amounts of the mineral for its applications in the elements bound to the technology. Antofagasta bets for being the enclave of this product at the Latin-American level, searching to be at the height of country such as Germany, United States, Japan, China, Spain, Corea del Sur, etc. Previous to the construction of this plant, the copper nanoparticles were produced in a low scale, in some universities and investigation centers, but their production levels were, with no doubt, too low to compete at a worldwide level as for size and quality. copper nanoparticles

The Experts Projections

Roberto Cifuentes, GProgress manager and leader of this initiative tells to El Mercurio of Antofagasta that "our innovation, which has been tested with the UCN and Universidad Católica de Santiago experts, points to make up for that obstacle and to turn us into leaders at a latinamerican level because our project is unique. Taking advantage that our project is modular we can produce high volumes with a high standard of quality and size, never thought before in the national industry". In the other hand, Maria Sánchez, executive director of the Regional Productive Development Comettee (RPDC) expressed that this initiative is one of the most important nowadays in the Mining Cluster strategy frame led by Corfo and Innova Chile, due to it could put Chile as a leader in a latinamerican level at the same time that it will decentralize the productivity mother of the Antofagasta region. What use would you give to the copper nanoparticles? We want to know what you think! Join our engineering community here