Alternative to Shot Blasting for aluminum injection parts manufacturing (10.000 € in prizes!)

Propose a different process / technology to eliminate burrs for aluminum injection parts manufacturing

Become a real ‘ennomotor’! Help this company reinvent their aluminum injection parts manufacturing process!

Our client is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure aluminum injection parts for different industry applications. They use injection moulding to manufacture aluminum parts and a shared shot blasting process to remove burrs (see parts pictures in the challenge attachments).

Shot blasting process helps to effectively eliminate burrs but has many disadvantages:

  • The process is quite aggressive, degrades the installation and requires high maintenance.
  • Leaks blasting material into near installations.
  • Deformation of parts.
  • Requires rework to eliminate blasting material from the part using a file or through blowing.

The company has tried to solve this challenge in the past however alternative technologies are not fully viable due to cycle time, available space or investment.

Can you help and propose a different process / technology to eliminate burrs?

So … what are we looking for?

This challenge is looking for an alternative process/technology to the current Shot basting process for aluminum injection parts.

Do you have a solution?

Bring your good ideas and help us solve this challenge … just consider than any proposed solution:

  • Complies with parts specification and quality
  • Complies with required cycle time requirements (< 70 sec.)
  • Feasibility evidence
  • Lower investments and/or cost

… And win a 10.000 € cash prize if you win!

Download full challenge description

This is a real manufacturing innovation challenge!

Are you a creative engineer? Do you have manufacturing process skills?


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