The Spanish Medical Agency authorizes the OxyVita ventilator

oxyvita ventilator

On the 30th of July, the Spanish Medical Agency (AEMPS) gave the authorization for OxyVita ventilator to be used in emergency situations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is great news since it comes as the long-awaited reward to the efforts of the last months by ennomotive and the participation of lyntia, Vithas, Fundación Vithas, and McFly Technologies.

oxyvita ventilators

The first shipment of ventilators will go to Ecuador. Thanks to Ayuda en Acción, OxyVita will be sent to the healthcare centers around the country with the highest number of COVID-19 cases. 

Oxyvita ventilator

Boxes with OxyVita ventilators ready to be shipped to Ecuador

Another added value for OxyVita is that it is designed to be assembled and tested locally in the destination country. The electronics and the software will be sent from Spain so that the receivers only have to bring the remaining components. For this reason, the cost of OxyVita is under 1,000 EUR, much below conventional ventilators, generally priced between 9,000 EUR and 60,000 EUR.

On the 31st of July, the above-mentioned companies organized, with the collaboration of Ayuda en Acción, the handover of ventilators to the Ecuadorian ambassador in Spain. This event took place at McFly Technologies’ facilities, where the members of the OxyVita project met with the Ecuador Embassy in Spain.

Finally, on the 4th of August, the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial also published the news of the authorization of OxyVita by the AEMPS with a report that tells the whole story of the emergency ventilator, from the birth of the initiative, the election of the ventilator design and the prototype, to the manufacturing and final validation. 



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