3 Predictions for the Engineering World in 2018

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As 2017 comes to an end, it time to be bold and think about what changes 2018 will bring. Technologies of the Industry 4.0 have paved the road to a more productive and sustainable engineering world, but they need to be implemented wisely.
Stephen Kasriel, CEO of the freelancing website Upwork, has made 4 interesting predictions in an article for the World Economic Forum that you should take into consideration going into the new year. All of them emerge from one premise: "we must finally break free from the industrial-era habits of the past to ensure a more productive and equitable future".

1. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are not a threat (quite the opposite) if used responsibly

 It is an ongoing debate if machines will rise up and take over the world, or if they will replace human workforce and generate mass-unemployment. What Kasriel stated earlier this year is that "the impact of AI on the future does not spell doomsday for jobs. After all, machines don’t create themselves."
CEO's and innovation managers need to seize the opportunity that AI and robotics provide for a better future, instead of end it. A responsible management of these new technologies will mean that people will stop fearing them and start embracing automation. Some jobs will disappear, but many others will appear as a consequence.
Kasriel's prediction is that humans need to learn how to interact with machines. It is of utmost importance for universities to start developing the right skills for the jobs of the future. Only humans will decide how these technologies will act, so co-operation between them is key.

2. Engineering jobs will be among the best ones

Taking a look at the ranking elaborated by the World Economic Forum, it can be seen that Civil Engineers, Solution Engineers, and Research Technicians are going to be successful in the near future. In an ever-growing society that depends greatly on technology, it is understandable that this kind of professionals is predicted to be sought after in 2018.
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3. The majority of the US workforce will freelance by 2027

It is a fact that 36% of working people in the US are freelancers, over 57 million workers and, according to Freelancing in America: 2017, the majority of the US workforce will freelance by 2027. The youngest workforce generation is leading the way, with almost half of millennials freelancing already. Besides, companies are increasingly seeking freelancers to do the tasks that cannot be performed by their staff.
engineering world Freelancing in America Image: Freelancers Union and Upwork
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