How crowdsourcing can help boost your exports

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It’s no secret that countries like Spain have relied on exports to come out of the economic crisis. Others like South Korea have spent decades climbing the ladder success in foreign markets. After all, smart business is never about putting all your eggs on the same plate: diversified sales around the globe can increase your revenue and minimize your exposure to economic downturns. Obviously, having a good product is a precondition for exports, just like finding an interesting market is another relevant task. However, once those two questions have been answered, selling to other countries becomes a challenge in terms of logistics. How can we find the most effective ways to reach our new customers?

Crowdsourcing can play a key role in this process. By launching a tailor-made innovation tournament, companies can find local partners who are willing to develop new solutions and avoid any issues. Imagine the case of a medium-sized textile firm that is based in Spain but is also trying to enter the Colombian market: with a crowdsourcing challenge, it can find the best way to distribute its product in this new field of operations.

Trying to find the best answer with a standard partnership will simply give us an average solution, whereas an open innovation approach will help us find different opportunities, thus giving us the option to choose among creative projects that ultimately mean a better outcome for us. Are you looking to boost your exports? Don’t hesitate and contact Ennomotive to learn how we can help bring you closer to foreign markets in an innovative and cost-effective way! Logistics are much easier when crowdsourcing is part of the game! Photo: Check out our engineering challenges!