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Droneable is a company that develops drones for industrial purposes, such agriculture, security, cargo carrying, and reforestation. We are proud to be the developers of the first modular Drone of the industrial market.
The MK1 is a Drone that can be configurable in configurations of 3, 4 and 6 rotor configurations since the MK1 is just the first stage of the final product, the next stage would have many more capabilities.
The MK2 is the latest version of Droneable’s modular drone, stronger with a carbon fiber and aluminum frame and would be configurable for carrying 3, 8 and 15kg of cargo, cameras or instruments for the flight purpose and would have one configuration more, a fixed wing configuration of 2m wingspan for covering bigger areas.
The best part of this drone is that every configuration can be used with the same central brain, where the most expensive components of each drone are based.
The goal of Droneable is to reduce the industrial expenses with the help of aerial technology, photometry and the capability to reach places where the man can’t easily reach with other technology.





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May 2015

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José Eduardo Junco Leal


Our Drone can be used for many purposes, it’s the only one that can be configurable in 3, 4, and 6 rotor configurations, plus a fixed wing configuration of 2m wingspan.


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